Attract Prospects to Your Online Network Marketing Opportunity

The sales and marketing departments of brick and mortar stores and online businesses are in some sort of competition. The competition is about who can position their product in the market and win a huge slice of the market. As MLMers, we are also in the same marketing environment.

There are many MLM opportunities in the market and you will be up against other MLMers from different companies trying to win over the same prospects that you are targeting. So, how do you deal with the competition?

To be successful in MLM, you need a different approach to finding leads—an interesting and different approach that seeks not to nag customers but otherwise bring forth value and attract customers. This is known as Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing, otherwise referred to as educational marketing, is what successful network marketers are doing to recruit new leads and build their teams.

If you have read how to start a WordPress blog and have set up a site,  how do you go about generating leads with attraction marketing?  Here are some tips that will help you:

Gain Your Customers’ Trust First

In attraction marketing, you should start your communication with the problem of your audience in mind. Address the problems by offering valuable solutions.

Find out the problems that your audience has, answer their questions and offer working solutions even if you are connecting with them for the first time.  The easiest way to get someone to trust you is to help them without expecting anything in return. Doing so will make the prospects trust you, check your recommendations and even join your MLM opportunity in the near future.

Create Multiple Forms of Content

It is not enough to provide information to your audience; how you deliver the information also counts. You can provide information to your audience in different forms. Why is providing different forms of content important? Because people love different types of content.

Your audience is comprised of individuals with different personas and preferences. Make an effort to reach every single one of your audience members through different forms of content. For MLM marketers, videos, articles and podcasts work great.

Consistent Communication

As an attraction marketer, you should be in constant communication with your prospect. However, don’t just communicate for the sake of doing so. Make sure you are communicating something valuable to the prospects.

The best way to communicate with your online prospects is to use an email autoresponder program like iContact. With an autoresponder, you can consistently send out information to your prospects as you are building your email list. By doing this, your customers will learn to expect an email containing useful information from you after a certain period. The more you communicate with your customers, the more they will get to know you and the more they will want to buy your products or join your network.

Educate Your Audience

Teaching your customers helps to build trust and relationships and also sell your credentials. It does not hurt to give away the information you have for free. In fact, this is one of the best ways to attract potential customers. It helps to connect with your customers; whether they are coming for advice or your product or they are simply looking for information.

You will be invest in your business a great deal if you help the new members or your MLM team. Give away free eBooks, downloadable videos, DVDs, etc.

Answer Questions

Prospects are asking questions and searching for answers about MLM or online business on the Internet. If you are an experienced network marketer, use the opportunity to provide answers to questions asked by newbies or any prospects who wish to know more about your products and business. Answer questions asked on social media sites like Facebook, industry blogs, work-at-home (WAH) forums, etc.

Provide Less Data and More Insight

Most readers are likely to get bored with figures and data. People like easy to read information, where they don’t have to scratch their heads to understand the message.  When providing information, use simple and clear language. For example, if you are writing an article, use bullets to attract more reads than long paragraphs with long sentences. Make your content engaging and conversational. Use data and statistics to a minimal level. If you must use figures, they make them interesting.

Advance Your Content Creation

Having made up your mind to become an attraction marketer, you must be different from the traditional marketers. The internet is driven with content. You need to produce quality content to your prospects and market the content

Start with the basic levels of creating content as you go up the ladder. Remember, this is educational marketing and it is so in every sense of the word. Your role is to educate customers. So, don’t introduce them to MLM and dump them there. Go ahead and tell them what MLM is all about, how to get business associates, how to market their business, how to build sales relationships and so on. Education has no limit. Build your customers’ trust by educating them on how they can be successful with your opportunity. Doing so will help to establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

You now know how to attract online prospects to your MLM opportunity. Start using attraction marketing to attract many customers.

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