5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to your Website

If you own a website, are planning to open one or just want to broaden your knowledge about the subject, you’re sure to have thought about the possible ways to increase the traffic to your site. But like many of us, you might not have a big budget – or budget at all – for advertising and marketing in the beginning. Thus, you may not really figure out a way to make your website or service noticed on the Internet.

Lucky for you, I’ve listed five sure-way methods to generate that initial traffic and online presence recognition you’re going to need to kickstart your new website. These free ways of generating traffic are easy to implement. Let’s get started

1. Directory Submissions
There are lots of both free and paid link and article directories that you should use for your own advantage. Most allow free submission even without reciprocal link (see tip number three).So,  they’re a great way to start up. Typically you only need to provide the site with your site’s URL address, a short description about its contents and maybe a brief listing of your main keywords – and that’s it!

One thing to remember with directory submissions is that you should only submit to relevant directories. For example, if you have a site about Border Collie training, the best directories to submit to would be high quality dog-related ones or pet related. There is no benefit of submitting your site to hundreds of directories that are of poor quality.

There is another directory submission way that is a bit more demanding, but it might prove to be much more effective. Yes, I’m talking about article submission. Here, you will have to write up an article of about 400 words of your niche, find a free … Read the rest

3 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Provider

To improve the traffic and leads generated from your business website, you should optimize it for search engines. Search engine optimization involves using various techniques to make your website appear high on search results when your prospects type various key terms on search engines. A business SEO consulting firm can perform a website audit and offer SEO services that will make your website show higher than that of your competitors in search results.

There are a number of SEO agencies you can hire. You should do your homework well to find an agency that understands your needs and has the proven expertise to improve your online business. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a SEO company:

Hire a company that is known for working flawlessly with clients in SEO projects. The company should remain committed to the project until its completion. Some companies will require you to fill a discovery form for SEO before starting your project.

The company should understand your target market and know the key terms your prospects type on search engines when looking for your products or services. . Ranking for the right keywords is crucial to achieving your sales goals. Avoid companies that use software to automatically generate keywords for your business. Every keyword that the company will be optimizing your website for should help in improving your bottom line.

Find out the exact SEO techniques that the company will be implementing to make your website rank high on search engines. A professional SEO consulting firm will perform both on-page and off-page optimization on your websites. Some of the techniques that the company can employ include social media marketing, press release submissions, directory submission, guest posting among others.

You should also look at other efforts that the company will … Read the rest

Buy or Market Your Services On Fiverr

Can you market your services or products online? How much will it cost you?

Yes, it is possible to earn an income by marketing your services online without investing so much in it. One of the ways you can market your services is through Fiverr.

fiverr homepage

Fiverr is a cheap platform where you can market any kind of service you offer, be it entertainment, health, technology or any other industry.  All you need to do is set up an account, create your profile and post a list of services that you wish to offer. When you can effectively handle the jobs you get, you can then cross over and offer the services to other freelance sites.

Through Fiverr, customers can buy any service or products starting at just $5. Service providers pay a service charge of $1 per $5 job. You can use Fiverr in the following ways:

  • Flip your services
  • Sell your services
  • Buy services

Flip Your Services

Fiverr offers services starting at $5. This is approximately half of what other freelance sites charge. You can use Fiverr services and still be competitive with other freelance sites.  You can also flip your services at other sites if you notice many people are interested in them. This will enable you make even more money. Flipping your services to other freelance sites like Odesk and Elance does not mean you have to close down your Fiverr account.

Sell Your Services

At Fiverr, many business owners outsource the services that they need. The services can range from content writing (for example, blog posts) to product development (for example, pet ID tags.)The vendors you choose must have a considerable amount of good feedback. If your site generates money, you can spend time planing and strategizing and let others do the work for … Read the rest