Attract Prospects to Your Online Network Marketing Opportunity

The sales and marketing departments of brick and mortar stores and online businesses are in some sort of competition. The competition is about who can position their product in the market and win a huge slice of the market. As MLMers, we are also in the same marketing environment.

There are many MLM opportunities in the market and you will be up against other MLMers from different companies trying to win over the same prospects that you are targeting. So, how do you deal with the competition?

To be successful in MLM, you need a different approach to finding leads—an interesting and different approach that seeks not to nag customers but otherwise bring forth value and attract customers. This is known as Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing, otherwise referred to as educational marketing, is what successful network marketers are doing to recruit new leads and build their teams.

If you have read how to start a WordPress blog and have set up a site,  how do you go about generating leads with attraction marketing?  Here are some tips that will help you:

Gain Your Customers’ Trust First

In attraction marketing, you should start your communication with the problem of your audience in mind. Address the problems by offering valuable solutions.

Find out the problems that your audience has, answer their questions and offer working solutions even if you are connecting with them for the first time.  The easiest way to get someone to trust you is to help them without expecting anything in return. Doing so will make the prospects trust you, check your recommendations and even join your MLM opportunity in the near future.

Create Multiple Forms of Content

It is not enough to provide information to your audience; how you deliver the information also counts. You can … Read the rest